Do you see a new review on our Dashboard but can’t be able to see the review reflected on Google? There could be a few reasons for that:

1.- A customer clicked 4 or 5 on the review link that you sent them and our software sent them over to Google, Facebook, etc. to leave a review, and they NEVER finished the process there and posted it. Remember, your customers have to go where our software sends them, write the reviews, choose the number of stars and actually post it on the platform. Just choosing stars on our review link email did NOT finish the review process on the review site that you are sending them.

2.- Google and other sites sometimes take a few days to post new reviews. We believe they are internally checking to make sure the reviews are real and NOT fake. So, it is normal for a few days delay before you can see the reviews actually posted. They are not instantly published.

3.- Sometimes Google and other sites will show at the top the “most relevant” reviews. This can be an older review, but that does not mean the newer reviews are not there. You can do a search for the newest reviews and find the review that you are looking for.

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Updated on December 10, 2021
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