Having an exclusive video template is ONLY available for yearly subscribed users of the “Social Media Plan”. The design fee for the creation of the exclusive template is $99 USD (one-time payment). This is NOT a mandatory template that needs to be purchased.

NOTE: The “exclusive” condition will only remain effective for as long as you keep your “Social Media Plan” subscription active. Remember, you need an active yearly subscription to the “Social Media Plan” to have access to request and pay for an exclusive video template.

If you cancel your subscription, or we are not able to charge your yearly plan, your exclusive video template will be available to everyone as all templates shown on our Social Media page. This will happen 14 days after your subscription payment is due.

Once you have lost the “exclusive” condition on your template, you can not regain it again. Any video template on our Social Media page remains available for all our user.

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Updated on May 19, 2022
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