The first action you need to take (and the most important one) is to ask your clients to leave a review for your business. For that, you will need to learn how to enter your customer into the RGV Reviews platform.

Learn how to do that in the following video:

Option 1: Manual Input

As soon as you are logged in into the platform, at the top, you will see an option to enter the name and email or phone of your client. Once you have done that, you just have to click the “ADD NEW CUSTOMER” button in order to finish the process of entering a new client.

Option 1

Option 2: Kiosk Mode

For this option, you will also need to log into the platform. The “Kiosk Mode” is perfect for delegating the capture of client information in the system to someone else (for example, your Assistant).

The first step is to click on the “LAUNCH KIOSK MODE” menu on the left side panel.

Option 2

Once you have clicked on the “LAUNCH KIOSK MODE”, the platform will open a new page with a form to be used where your assistant or employee can capture the “Name” and “Email / Phone” of your client. After filling in both fields, they will just need to click the “SUBMIT” button to complete the process.

Kiosk Mode

The “Review Link” option is useful for sending the “Kiosk Mode” form (discussed in previous Option 2) to a person who does not have access to our platform. This is an option suitable to be used by your own clients. When your customers enters this review link they will not have to wait to receive an email or text message, they would have the opportunity to leave you a review right away.

Step 1: Click on the “Settings” menu on the left side panel.


Step 2: Click on the tab called “Integrations”.

Step 3: Click on the “REVIEW LINK” menu on the internal left side panel.


Step 4: Click on the “COPY” button as shown in the image below. It is important to note that every location (branch or office) has a different “review link”. The copied link can be sent via email, SMS, or even be printed on a flyer or any business card.

Review Link

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a RGV Reviews client, you will have access to a unique short URL for every location. You will receive your custom short URL via your registered email. The URL will look like this:

That is how simple you can enter your customers in RGV Reviews and start getting online reviews right away!

Getting stuck? Feel free to Contact Us for further assistance.

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Updated on November 30, 2021
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